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Booking Grant to sing

Booking Grant is easy. How to use his talents may give you a challenge. Here’s some ideas;

Grant Sings!

Grant Sings!

The Main Event: Grant is often scheduled to sing for a 2-3 hour block in a supper club atmosphere. As “The Main Event”, he will entertain the entire time (except for a few short breaks).

Background Music: Having a party? Grant can just be in the background setting the mood.

An Emcee: In combination with the above, Grant can also emcee your event. With years of stage and theater experience, as well as emceeing many events, Grant will keep things moving and can easily fill those gaps that are bound to happen.

Dance Music: As a “fledgling dancer”, Grant understands the “dance mix”. So for dance related events, Grant has a great mix of dance-able tunes (Waltz, Tango, Hustle, Cha-Cha, Samba, Fox Trot, Hustle, Rumba, Swing, and more). See the “Dance Music” page for an example of one hour’s play list. Grant mixes “DJ” style (playing popular dance tracks) with performing other songs.

By himself or with the “Pack Rat Band”: Grant has high quality “minus tracks” that he can easily sing to. If your budget allows, Grant can also bring the band.

Grant travels from the Roanoke, VA area, and can drive to gigs that time allows. If flying, he’ll need local talent for the band and equipment requirements change, but Grant can fly from ROA if you’d like him to appear at your event. But don’t book that ticket quite yet. Please call Grant directly at 330-327-5208 or use our contact form and he’ll get back to you directly!